Hυge UFO crashes over the city skyliпe, the helicopter is пarrowly missiпg (VIDEO)

New videos have appeared on the Internet, in which the UFO was filmed from a helicopter. Ufologists claimed that these sightings were proof of alien visits. But how real they are, you decide, as always, for yourself.

Despite the fact that there is a lot of evidence of their intimidating appearance. UFO sightings are now more of a source of entertainment than concern. However, in postmodern culture, where videos with aliens are widespread. The UFO movement must be taken seriously. The appearance of flying saucers and their real images captured on video. They are proof of the existence of alien life and have aroused the interest of NASA.


Some of the supposed sightings never happened: science fiction writer Otto Binder immortalized the prank. In which Apollo 11 commander Neil Armstrong claimed to have encountered a UFO during the mission. Do aliens exist? Hundreds of photographs and videos of UFOs are taken every year. And enthusiasts believe that many of them may be evidence or even a hidden conspiracy.While some have been exposed as fake, there are still dozens that leave even the experts scratching their heads. And to wonder if we’ve actually been visited by UFO beings. A mysterious moving object that occasionally appears in the sky. And, as stated, has no orthodox origin and scientific explanation of its existence. According to popular belief, these are flying saucers or monster spaceships. Carrying real aliens through the clouds.


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