Mysterious vertical red light mystery in the sky of Houston surprised scientists (VIDEO)

Many people are curious about the bright orange light in the Houston sky. It is a vertical line that appears high in the clouds, then disappears around 9:15.

We get reports of people seeing it from Laporte to Clear Lake Lake City, even down to Manville.

Dave, do you have any thoughts on this? I’m 99.9% sure it’s a torch going on at the Mandeville Basel factory, the liondell Basel factory near Laporte. That means cloud droplets, which are what make up clouds, are highly reflective. So they are perfectly reflective.

I was told it was a giant orange torch, and that made sense. Have you ever seen that before?I’ve never seen that, not so obvious, it’s too sharp.

But it’s great. And that’s it. Now it’s gone. I hope you are right.

You know, some people on social media have come up with interesting theories about this. But sometimes, we need to come up with logical scientific explanations for such strange phenomena.

This proves that science still cannot explain all the strange things in the world.


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