The Joburg Spaceship Crash: Alien Rumors and Positive Reactions(VIDEO)

So we did this huge don’t clover and future life for launching a drink called smart drink and it’s a drink from the future so we wanted to create a lot of awareness a lot of impact and this is what we did the client once it was something to launch the drink so we thought what what better than having a drink that’s from the future spacecraft air crash done and on earth and that had this futuristic drink create talk ability around Durban Cape Town about the lights these UFOs that were all around the country and it’s obviously

Crashed in Joburg and it revealed that the drinks are all inside the spaceship yeah there’s a lot of traffic there are a lot of people that slow it down and they’ll going what’s going on and it was quite fun and we didn’t want to reveal too much yeah we’ve had a lot of positivity or a lot of positive reaction from there from the crash a lot of people of wanting to know what was going on thought aliens had actually crashed here they didn’t believe it was that a hoax and yours crates we’ve had some greatinput and a lot of a lot of positive reactions are on Twitter


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