The time-traveling UFO accident in the UK confused people (VIDEO)

In suffolk county england there is a remote forest in the village of rendelsham that has become famous for being the site of one of the most extraordinary ufo encounters ever reported and some of those who experienced it believe this incident also involved time travel the event occurred on december 26 1980 airman john burroughs was performing a routine security check at a u.

air force base when he received orders to investigate a possible downed aircraft my supervisor called me on the radio and asked me to meet up with him so we could check these gates we’re driving down the road leading to the east gate to check on it when all of a sudden he saw some strange lights in the forest so it decided to call it and let him know something strange was going on they decided to send one of the security units down which was sergeant penisten he got down there and he saw the same strange lights that we were seeing

I could see all these multiple color lights and things like that and the air felt different i don’t know how to really explain that but it did feel like there was electricity on our skin and hair and stuff but that progressively got worse the closer we got to the tree line and it got more intense there seemed to be like an electricity charged atmosphere and then also there were points where it seemed like everything was going in slow motion as the servicemen approached the strange lights sergeant peniston reportedly saw

a large craft just beyond the tree line the craft was triangular in shape measuring about six to seven feet high black in color i had come around to the far side of the craft and that’s when i noticed that there was you know inscription on the side you know it is about three feet long maybe six inches high um and uh so i’m expecting to find i don’t know some kind of prototype stuff uh usaf i’m i’m looking for something very familiar instead of something familiar i see these pictorial type glyphs

and got running my hand over the side of the craft i don’t know how to explain this it’s like someone was holding a picture up okay i could see it in my mind’s eye zeros and ones so i recorded those one after another when peniston touched the craft he then said that he felt a strange download of information to his mind and he felt compelled the next day to write down a series of zeros and ones which we now regard as binary code years later a computer programmer took this information ran it through a translation program and

a message emerged the message read exploration of humanity continuous for planetary advance eyes of your eyes origin year 8100 when one sees origin year 8100 one is forced to speculate might we be looking not just at extraterrestrials but time travelers from the future after the incident the u.s military conducted a brief investigation but allegedly tried to keep the eyewitnesses away from the press but for airmen burroughs and officer peniston the event wasn’t easy to leave behind both men had lasting physical effects

from the encounter and even reported strange dreams after the incident i started having throat and eye problems at one point my gums turned white i also had vision problems and when i went and saw the doctor one of his first questions was had i been ever exposed to radiation i’ve definitely had dreams about it and i still have feelings about what happened and what could happen in the future i got out of service in 1993 then i was out about maybe three months and then i started getting these dreams and nightmares

during the dreams i could see that these were time travelers 40 to 50 000 years in the future i see that the purpose to come back was the correct things was to fix things something horrible has happened something you have to correct but it requires time travel it requires going back into the past i never had a feeling of it being extraterrestrial it’s always been that they were simply us in the future could it be that the craft reportedly witnessed by james peniston and john burroughs came not from a distant star

but from a distant point in time


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