Witness a UFO appearing in the sky over Texas through recorded video

One of the main reasons why we don’t see UFOs clearly in broad daylight is because they camouflage themselves among the clouds. Conspiracy theorists and ufologists believe that we are constantly watched by extraterrestrial beings from their ships, 24 hours a day. This theory may sound crazy, but the conspiracy goes much further. Apparently, the occupants of the UFOs would have reached an agreement with the governments of the whole world that at no time will they show themselves to the inhabitants of the Earth, not without the consent of the main political leaders and only when the time comes.

Taking all this information into account, let’s be honest: There is already a lot of evidence that shows how alien UFOs hide among the clouds that they themselves generate artificially. But sometimes, for unknown reasons, they temporarily lose their camouflage, being visible to the human eye.

Like in San Antonio, Texas, where a witness claims to have videotaped an alien ship hiding in storm clouds, proving once and for all that UFOs have highly advanced camouflage technology.

The New Texas UFO

The video was recorded from inside a parked car in San Antonio, Texas, and shows a strange cylindrical object nestled in the clouds of a major storm. The strange object appears to be moving slowly and erratically throughout the recording, and the witness first thought it was a UFO using cloaking technology.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by SAUFOTX on February 26, 2016, where he explains that there was a strong storm on that particular day. But when he looked at the clouds he saw a strange diffuse distortion inside. So he decided to use his Smartphone and managed to record what appears to be a moving UFO-shaped saucer, until he disappeared without a trace, supposedly using camouflage.

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