A Moment of Unbreakable Courage: An Injured Dog’s Miraculous Search for Hope, Marked in the Heart of a Runner (video)

With a broken jaw and a broken leg, Lilac the dog was trying to survive when a jogger in Atlanta, Georgia, discovered her taking shelter behind a car.

The dog was violently attacked by other dogs and people who were running away. But when the Good Samaritan approached her, she tiptoed out to greet them. It was as if “she realized she was being saved”.

New York-based Secopd Chance Rescue NYC Dogs took her to the vet, where she quickly received emergency care.

Further veterinary investigation revealed that in addition to severe leg injuries and a broken jaw, Lilac also suffered abdominal trauma from a gunshot wound trapped inside.

Despite the injuries on her body, Lilac’s tail still wags every time someone pays attention to her.

After a few days of “touch and go”, Lilac emerged unexpectedly.

“Where there’s a will there’s a way. There’s something about this little lamb chopping survivor, she’s so sweet and beautiful,” commented Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs.

“She is the kind of dog that you really have to hug, sit down and physically acknowledge with mutual openness. “He has survived a life of pain and tragedy, but he wants to love, give and feel.”

Vets couldn’t save her leg, but they worked miracles to heal the rest of her. Lila may have three legs but she is on her way to a full recovery.

Lilac is now thriving thanks to the love and attention she is receiving!

“She fought a long time to get where she is now. He may have lost a leg, but he has gained a family as big as the universe,” his rescuers commented. “He received so much love from everyone at the hospital and around the world! “We are delighted by the global support and love for Lilac.”

To help Lilac and dogs like her, visit Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs.


A little over a month after Lila recovered, she was adopted! Monday Chapce posted:

“Lilac will stay in Georgia and will return home this week. Look how happy she is with her new adopter, seriously look at her face!

“They cried in praise of the amazing medical team who saved Lilac’s life and completed her rescue. “Everything is arranged by divine intervention. The crimson oceans part as fate takes its course and leaves you far from sadness. You didn’t deserve anything that happened to you Lila, and here you are. Fear and gratitude will cooperate to guide you.”

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