A strange light column appeared in the middle of the day in China, people were able to see amazing things (video)

In the middle of the day, residents of multiple cities in China were astonished to witness a strange phenomenon. A tall, bright column of light appeared in the sky, reaching up to the clouds. The light column remained visible for several minutes, and during that time, people were able to see some amazing things.

The first reports of the light column came from the city of Xi’an, in central China. Witnesses described the column as being white or yellow in color, and very bright. Some said that it appeared to be rotating or pulsing. As news of the phenomenon spread, similar reports began to come in from other cities in the region, including Chengdu and Chongqing.

Experts were quick to rule out the possibility of the light column being a natural occurrence, such as a meteor or a rare form of lightning. They suggested that it was more likely to be a man-made phenomenon, possibly the result of an experimental military project.

Despite the lack of official information, many people speculated about the possible causes of the light column. Some believed that it was a secret weapon being tested by the Chinese military. Others suggested that it was a message from extraterrestrial life.

As the light column remained visible, people began to notice some amazing things within its glow. Some reported seeing strange symbols or patterns within the light, which they believed were alien in origin. Others claimed to have seen glimpses




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