Landfill Angel: A Woman’s Silent Mission to Save Lost Animal Lives in Hell

Anyone who has a dog, cat or any type of pet in their home knows the important role that the animal plays in the family. Even the relationship between humans and animals plays a determining role. In fact, our empathy and our language would not be the same without them.

Because, love for animals changes the world. And this was demonstrated by Mrs. Margareth Medeiros , 49 years old, who goes daily to a garbage dump located in the town of Ipueira, in the interior of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, to feed and bring water to the 40 dogs. and stray cats that live there .

Medeiros is one of those people who fills our hearts with hope for a better , more supportive society, and who vindicates us as a species. She comes every day, without fail. She even treats them all like her children .

When they ask Mrs. Margareth why she does it, she answers that it is out of unconditional love for pets. The food that she offers to the furry ones comes from her own pocket , thanks to her work in the community church.

Likewise, he is in charge of cleaning the place . He also washes and irons clothes for the people of the area and, with the money raised, he purchases dry food for animal feeding, as well as the respective vaccines.

For her part, this noble woman with a big heart has the collaboration of her son, Acácio, who also helps his mother with some monthly expenses by contributing about 10 US dollars. Previously, her mother had to cover the expenses of the commendable undertaking alone. He also accompanies her on her daily visits to the garbage dump.“I help by buying feed, couscous and rice, so that she can make the mixture and I give her 50 reais a month […] Until recently I had never received help,” the young man revealed.

When they both arrive at the landfill, joy takes over all the animals in the place. Doña Margareth, like a good mother, baptized each of the creatures that live in the garbage dump.

As long as our heroine is there, she will never be alone. There will always be a dog or kitten around, urgently needing her love and attention. Besides food, she is a loving mother like no other.

Doña Margareth also raises 5 dogs and 3 cats in her home , but, despite this, she does not hide her desire to apply to adopt one of these wingless angels that reside in the landfill. She is aware that, with her in a home, the pets will be much safer.“She is an angel who takes care of abandoned animals […] and decided that her life would be dedicated to watching over and protecting the most innocent,” concluded the son about Mrs. Margareth’s work.

And, if we talk about affection and animals, a key factor comes into play: unconditional love . An animal does not judge its caretaker by his abilities, by his past or by his appearance. Therefore, the bond that is created is, ultimately, pure and genuine.

Share this beautiful story with your loved ones. Empathy and responsibility are qualities that, on a large scale, contribute to building a better society. Love for animals is the first step to creating a world in which its inhabitants live together in greater harmony

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