Naughty Lion Cub: Wrestling Match in the Middle of the Road Causes Traffic Jam

A group of adorable lion cubs brought traffic to a standstill in Kruger National Park, South Africa, as they engaged in a lively wrestling match on the tarmac.

Having spent the night sleeping on the road, the cubs seemed reluctant to move and instead opted for some playful antics, much to the delight of onlookers.

Image 1654

Among the fascinated spectators were Anton and Michelle Campbell-Harris, who captured the heartwarming scene.

Recounting their experience, Michelle expressed, “We were the only car there at the time, and as it was early in the morning, they were just waking up.”

Image 1655

She added, “We watched as the cubs became more playful – it was difficult to know what to focus on as there was so much activity.”

The couple had entered the park at dawn, hoping to glimpse the majestic big cats. Their patience paid off when they found themselves amid this endearing display of cub behavior.

Michelle shared, “Some curious cubs came right up to our car. The lionesses started getting restless, and, amazingly, they walked right toward our car and into the grass.”

She further described the excitement of witnessing the lions up close, saying, “The adrenalin high is what keeps us going back time after time.”

Reflecting on the privilege of being in such proximity to wild animals, Michelle remarked, “It is difficult to describe the feeling of being with wild animals so close, you feel so privileged, and it does wonders for your soul.”

The images captured by the Campbell-Harris duo depict the playful nature of these young lions, providing a glimpse into the fascinating world of wildlife encounters in the African savanna.

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