Scary incident: UFO strange object falling in the middle of the road attracts the attention of netizens

On October 17, Kingston Police received a call from a concerned member of the public reporting a burning, unidentified object in the middle of the road. Emergency Response Team A and the London Fire Brigade were dispatched to the scene.

Upon arrival, officers were surprised to find what they described as a crash-landed UFO. The police took to Facebook to ask the public for information, posting a photo of the object and requesting that anyone who could identify it come forward.

The suspected space craft, which was on fire, was reported to Kingston Police by a concerned member of the public. The police force has now asked anyone who might be able to identify the bizarre object to come forward.

Kingston Police posted on its Facebook page on October 17: “Last night at around midnight a concerned member of the public called us on 999 stating that there was an unknown item on fire in the middle of the road.

“Officers from Emergency Response Team A were dispatched along with the London Fire Brigade. When the arrived on scene they couldn’t believe their eyes!

“The officers that arrived on scene described the item as looking like a crash landed UFO!

“Can you work out what the item is from the picture? Comment below with your guesses!

“However on a serious note, anyone with information about this item and how it ended up being there please do contact us on 101 and quote CAD: 525/17OCT15.”

But members of the public have brought their speculation back down to the ground by pointing out on the police Facebook page the blue and red item is not an alien craft but an upside-down pizza oven.

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