Scientists have just discovered a strange object sitting at the edge of our solar system(VIDEO)

Astronomical exploration is one of the most fascinating and evocative sciences known to man.

Every day, researchers continue to make new discoveries about our universe, making us wonder about our place in the universe.

From the discovery of new objects to the use of the most advanced technology, space exploration is truly exciting.

In this article, we will explore together three amazing astronomical discoveries that scientists have just discovered.First, scientists have found a strange object at the edge of our solar system.

Scientists have long been searching for planet X, an undiscovered world that astronomers believe lies at the edge of our solar system, but they haven’t been able to come up with concrete evidence. about this.

However, that may have changed with the discovery of a strange object at the edge of our solar system.

This object has an orbit that makes it look like there’s a super-Earth around. Believing that planet X was influencing the object, the astronomers ran simulations of the object’s orbit and inferred that a super-Earth-like object would be consistent with how the new object is detected. move through the solar system. This object is named 2015 TG387


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