Special discovery: Endangered lion cub born at Knoxville Zoo

Zoo Knoxville in Tennessee recently welcomed a new addition to its lion pride. On Tuesday, the zoo announced via Facebook that Amara, an endangered African lion, gave birth to a healthy female cub on June 16. This new cub is Amara’s third offspring, along with her mate, Upepo.

According to Zoo Knoxville’s Facebook post, the newborn lion cub is “healthy and thriving.” However, Amara, the mother lion, experienced complications during delivery and is currently under veterinary care.

Watch the video at the end.

Following the birth, Amara continued to show signs of labor, leading zookeepers to perform an ultrasound, revealing a stillborn cub stuck in her birth canal.

Image 3000

Veterinary experts from the UTCVM (University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine) swiftly conducted emergency surgery to address the situation.

Although the surgery was successful, Amara faced challenges in her recovery and was diagnosed with acute renal insufficiency.

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Zoo Knoxville shared that Amara is currently receiving treatment and showing signs of improvement.

Her dedicated care team remains cautiously optimistic about managing her condition through oral medications, fluid therapy, and attentive care.

On a positive note, Zoo Knoxville reassured its followers that Amarawass displayed positive behavior, acted more like herself, and cared appropriately for her cub after her latest check-in.

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