Special News: Birth of Rare Amur Tigers at Nordens Ark!

A surprise arrived at Nordens Ark in Sweden as a litter of Amur Tiger cubs debuted on April 12.

The trio, comprising two males and a female, entered the world, adding significant value to the European breeding program dedicated to this critically endangered species. Over the next few weeks, these adorable cubs will stay close to their mother, Honan, in the den.

Watch the video at the end.

Zookeepers commend Honan for being an exceptional mother, exhibiting great care and gentleness towards her cubs. Enthusiasts can anticipate a public debut of the tiger family early this summer.

Image 2639

Amur or Siberian Tigers are the largest among the six living tiger subspecies.

Males of this majestic species can reach a head and body length of well over six feet (200 cm) and weigh more than 400 pounds (180 kg). Their natural habitat spans remote mountain regions of the Russian Far East.

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Sadly, their population remains precarious, with fewer than 400 individuals and approximately 250 adults comprising the breeding population. The primary threat to Amur Tigers stems from poaching activities.

International agreements aimed at curbing trade and enhancing surveillance offer some hope for stabilizing their population.

However, the low genetic diversity within the wild population poses a significant challenge to the future survival of this species.

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