The Adventures of an Old Dog: Protecting and Caring for 15 Abandoned Ducklings

This year, Fred “adopted” his third brood of ducklings after their mother went missing. He might not look like the parent you’d expect for a group of birds, but he takes his role very seriously. If the mother duck doesn’t return, Fred will keep looking after the babies until they can survive on their own.

A Famous Duckling Dad
Fred lives at the Mountfitchet Castle in Essex, England, along with many other domesticated animals. 2018 was the first time he showed interest in ducks. He looked after a group of nine orphaned ducklings, and a year later, he took in 14 more. He got to take a break from his parental duties for a while, but now he’s taking on a new challenge.

A duck named Mary had 15 ducklings at the castle this year, but then she vanished. There were no signs that a predator killed her, so her disappearance is a mystery. Staff members of the tourist attraction hope Mary returns because she was a good mom to the baby ducks.

But in the meantime, Fred is caring for the ducklings as his own. Like his past experiences, he stepped up to help without anyone encouraging him to. His relationship with the ducklings will melt anyone’s heart!

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